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Small Businesses Marketing in 2021

Apr 15, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Plan, Small Business Marketing


The secret to making your business successful lies in marketing. Marketing includes research and advertising to promote and sell more of your products and services. Small businesses need to create awareness to a broader audience and promote their products to grow their business and brand. Whether you have just started or have operated for a time, your marketing plans must be very strategic.

However, small-business entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest in marketing. There are marketing methods that are expensive but not effective. At the same time, it is difficult to measure results with some of the marketing strategies, making them inefficient. Therefore, it advisable you look for full-time marketing services to ensure you do your marketing correctly and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Why is marketing important for your small businesses?

• To inform the audience
Please do not assume that potential customers will find their way to your business once you are open. On the contrary, it is upon you to educate them about your product and understand why it is better than what the competitor offers. That makes their decision-making process more manageable. Otherwise, running your small-business without creating awareness about its existence could be pointless.

• Engaging with potential customers
Besides informing about your product, marketing also allows you to interact with your customers. There are various platforms in digital marketing that allow you to keep a constant flow of communication with your clients and potential clients. Through communication, a relationship between you and your client is established and nurtured.

• Maintaining your small-business
Investments need to be adequately maintained to achieve goals for more extended periods. Therefore, you need to sustain your customers, presence in the market, and your brand position in the industry. Cultivating your business through marketing will help it grow.

• Overcome competition
The market is full of entrepreneurs, some of them offering almost or similar products and services.
Fortunately, small business marketing enables the business to compete equally with large businesses. It makes it possible for small-business entrepreneurs to establish meaningful relationships with clients. Additionally, the relationship is built over a global audience, enhancing the growth of the business.

• Increases sales
The primary purpose of marketing is to increase sales and making more profits. Hence, the intention of using this strategy is to attract and capturing clients to make more sales. Marketing draws customers to your business and invites them to buy your products.

• Marketing enhances the growth of your business
Not only does marketing help to maintain loyal customers, but it also helps you to gain new clients. It is through marketing that your products are known widely, increasing the number of potential customers. Thus, there is a need for expanding your business as the customer base also increases.

Marketing strategies for small businesses

There is a variety of marketing options both in traditional and digital marketing. It isn’t easy to decide where to start marketing. Traditional marketing can be relatively expensive compared to digital marketing. Small businesses have limited capital and resources and therefore would strain to afford some traditional marketing methods. Therefore, investing in digital marketing for small businesses is a more desirable and advantageous option.

Digital marketing strategies

Marketing your services or products using the internet and online digital technologies is an effective way to grow your small business. There are many reasons why digital marketing has proved to be effective. One, technology has been enhanced that people spend more time on the internet. It is therefore convenient for them to search and buy products online. Also, with billions of users online, your target audience expands globally.

Secondly, using the internet to market your goods is cost-effective. The business saves more on profits when unnecessary expenses are avoided. Lastly, you can measure your campaign results and determine how your product is performing in the market.


• SEO (search engine optimization)
SEO intends to drive traffic to your website by increasing your website’s visibility in search engine results. It would be helpful to use the right keywords so that you are ranked highly in SEO. The phrases also should be familiar with the potential client to motivate them to visit your website. Interestingly, people discover a local business through researching online.

• Blogging
It is a way of marketing your content through the internet. The blog content you create should have the intention of attracting potential clients, engaging them, and creating a relationship. Thus, the content should be educational so that your target audience can make an informed decision about purchasing products. It can be in the form of a post, infographics, or videos posted on social media platforms with the target audience.

• Email marketing
It is among the most effective strategies in digital marketing and also not costly. When potential clients visit your website, they leave their contact details by filling forms. With the contact details, you can reach out and nurture the leads generated. Through the nurturing process, you will give more details and clear any doubts your client might have. Entrepreneurs who follow up and engage their potential clients easily appeal to customers and build trust.

Additionally, email marketing is a way of sustaining loyal customers. Besides sending a thank you message, you will also keep updating them on developments on the product or launching a new product. Your business stays in the mind of your client, encouraging them to come back and purchase.

• Paper-per-click advertisement
Placing ads on the internet can be expensive. However, PPC is a cheaper method since it is auction-based. This means that you only pay when a user has clicked on the ad to your landing page.

Just like in SEO, placement of the keywords is essential. If the keywords included are in the users’ search, then there are higher possibilities of the users arriving at your landing page. It is easy for you to take control and encourage them to convert by purchasing your product and services.

• Video marketing
A significant number of users want to see a video about the brand before the actual purchase.
Most users research what products are recommendable to use and also how to use them. The response given during market research will guide you on the appropriate video to make and promote your product.

Video marketing is very effective in creating awareness and promoting sales. Creating videos can also be used to complement other forms of advertising. In your blogs and emails, you can provide a link to users who want a visual layout. YouTube is a great place to place your video, although other social platforms work as well.

• Social media marketing
As we said earlier, there are billions of users online around the globe at any given time. A constant presence on social platforms attracts followers. A large portion of the followers are your potential customers, and if they are not, they are your link to your potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and even recently, TikTok are examples of social sites with millions of users.

Entrepreneurs should select a site or sites with a more significant portion of potential customers. Sometimes it is not the site with most followers as it is commonly perceived. Share as much as you can on social sites. If the followers like your content, they will purchase your product and share it with friends on other sites, increasing the awareness about your brand and potential customers.

Digital marketing tips

Digital marketing strategies for small businesses are effective. However, your effort is necessary for ensuring that they are effective. Here are some tips to help you when investing in digital marketing.

• Know your target audience
Among the many users you interact with online, you must identify your potential clients and separate them from the rest in the market to make the marketing process easier. Understand their likes, taste, and preferences, and strategize to respond to them.

• Set goals for your small business marketing
The goals are driven by the market needs of your potential customers. Though, you cannot serve all their needs at once, especially for a small business. Besides customers’ satisfaction, sales and the growth of the business should be considered. The goals should aim to achieve the purpose of marketing in the easiest way possible. So, strategies should target a market need with high selling potential.

• Create a website
A website is a place to interact with your customers. They will learn about your business, products, and services and get details on contacting you. All the digital strategies used will aim at driving traffic to this website.

It is crucial to design a professional and businesslike website to create an excellent impression to the visitors. Like most of the strategies, you might need a digital marketing consultant to help you create a quality website or website content to drive more traffic and meaningful traffic.

• Optimizing content used in marketing
How high you get ranked in search engines plays a role in making digital marketing successful. If you want to rank high, you must research keywords and place them correctly when creating content. As you write your content, SEO must be in your mind.

• Utilize social media platforms
To reach a broader market, you must use more than one social platform. Share photos, videos, or blog posts on social sites as much as possible. Your friends on social sites will also help you to market through sharing posts and recommendations to other people they know.

• Response and reviews
The speed at which you respond to your potential customers is vital for their decision-making. If you delay for too long or fail to respond, they might change their mind about purchasing your product. Also, failure to respond makes it difficult for users to differentiate scammers and a legit business.

Encourage your customers to give reviews and increase visibility on social sites. The response can be in the form of complaints or suggestions to improve on your product. It will be beneficial in the growth of the business.

Digital marketing is a great place to start in case you were wondering where to start marketing. However, other methods can be effective by spreading the word about your business. Other ways to locally promote your products and services include;

• Attending local events. Social gatherings in our society present us with an opportunity to talk to groups of people who are potential customers. If they are not potential, they can help you gain potential customers by spreading the word to the rest of society’s population.
• Asking your existing customers, coworkers, family, and friends to spread the word about your business. Your local customers will also help to write reviews on your online websites.
• Placing flyers in different places can also create awareness about a business. However, you should be careful not to overspend using this method.

If the success and growth of your business matter, stop waiting and invest in digital marketing for small businesses. As we have discussed above, there are various options to select from and grow your small business. This way, you can stay connected to your customers daily regardless of where you are. It is good to note that the online market is vast and will always keep growing. Also, you can always keep update with trends in the market and measure the performance of your product in the industry.

Finally, I am sure you do not want to risk your investment in digital marketing. To ensure that you create a desirable website, content, keywords, and selecting the right website, you will need a consultant’s help. Rise digital consulting can help you create a digital system for your small business and manage them effectively. To get started, visit https://risedigitalconsulting.com/ or check out us out on social media at https://www.facebook.com/Risedigitalconsulting and contact us.


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